Share your Qsee moments !

Engage in the Qsee Capture Contest and share your Qsee captures, spreading joy with the world. With the ultra HD lens capturing every detail, from heartwarming family interactions to lively gatherings, the Qsee cameras immortalize your memories, empowering you to relive and share these treasured moments for years to come.

What will you gets?

We have different prizes for participants and winners.

For Participants

10% off coupon

For Winners

A free WiFi camera and an extra $20 bonus

Upload your video

Requirements: Raw video clips with high resolution at least 1080P

How to download the recordings?

You'll need a USB flash drive to copy the video clips from your new Qsee system.

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How it works?

Read to learn how the Qsee Capture Contest works, and discover the requirements for participation.

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Video Submission Terms

By uploading your video clips, you agree and accept Qsee's Video Submission Terms.

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Submission Deadline

End on Novemver 7th, 2023