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To our Enthusiasts,

To our Enthusiasts, Thank you for the interest shown to Qsee. We want to bring to your notice and announce that our firm, Qsee is an extended and more advanced version of the old Qsee brand. Life is extremely dynamic and changes all the time, Qsee also changed trademark ownership. This is a new Qsee with new authorization, a different business strategy from the old Qsee, a new Qsee App for multiple Qsee products, and have well organization structure that includes from the own R&D team to production team. Taking care of one's career, family, and personal goals were once thought to be mutually exclusive pursuits, but today's generation must balance them all. As a result, the new generation seeks innovative solutions to a better smart life, allowing them to be at ease away from home, whether for work or a well-deserved vacation abroad. This is not a simple task, but Qsee is there to assist our customers in making it a reality. This is our honor to let you know that, we combine cutting-edge technology with modern needs so that people can make sure that their loved ones and home are secure and complete surveillance for your loved things no matter where you are in. We help you to connect with what you care about in one Qsee App, One APP for multiple Qsee products. We are supportive and respectful of all current and prospective clients and customers of the company and intends to honor them with hard work and professionalism of the highest possible standard. Diversity, Loyalty, Team Unity, and a Dedication to Excellence are Our Organization's Core Values. The vision of Qsee is "to be the most sustainable brand that contributes to a better smart life experience" with the mission "to improve people's lives through technological artistry and to create value and a smarter new life for users". Qsee provides superior customer support, with a strict emphasis on offering the highest levels of service. For additional details, please visit our website. Thank you for your previous support to the Qsee brand. As only the trademark is being transferred to the new Qsee, We are sorry to inform you that the old Qsee products cannot connect with the new Qsee App. But we like to hold old Qsee customers by utilizing the trade-in vouchers, we've made it simple for those customers to trade in their old Qsee devices and get a great deal on a new Qsee device Feel free to contact us at any time without any hesitation or if you have any queries about this change. We hope you will support us in this process. Hope we will be able to get your support like always. Thank you very much.
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