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New Qsee Disclaimer

New Qsee Disclaimer


Qsee (Company name - Qsee Technology), a California corporation established in 2022, is committed to providing top-quality, user-friendly security solutions through our "Qsee Smart Home" range. While we proudly continue the legacy of the brand, it's crucial to clarify that Qsee Technology operates independently, having acquired the Q-See trademark. We endeavor to honor and build upon the brand's history of innovation while advancing our own app, organization and technology initiatives.


Qsee does not provide support for products or services associated with the previous iteration of Q-See. While we value past customer relationships, we are unable to extend support for legacy servers, technologies, applications, or warranties. On occasion, we may offer promotions and/or incentives to select individuals or companies using older products, but such gestures are discretionary and not obligatory.


We as the new Qsee, have witnessed the old firm’s history of 20 years, and we hope that we can continue its philosophy of bringing a better smart life in the future. So we are proud to promote the brand "Qsee" once again with the latest technology to ensure our customers with smart homes to have a better smarter life.


Note: The brand name change from “Q-See” to “Qsee”






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