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Qsee Capture Contest

Engage in the Qsee Capture Contest and share your Qsee captures, spreading joy with the world.

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How does the Qsee Capture Contest work?

1. Upload a video clip that meets the entry requirements before the deadline

2. Qsee will pass the non-compliant videos

3. Waiting for the notification of the winners


What are the rewards and prize?

For every paticipent, we offer a 10% coupon, applicable to all Qsee products.

For the winners, we will send a free WiFi camera for free and an extra $20 cash.


Who are eligible for the contest?

Participation is open to everyone who likes sharing stories with Qsee.


Requirements of the entry video?

1. Submitted video clips should be at least 1080P high resolution.

2. Theme of the video: funny, cozy, cool, or shooting family, pets, etc.

3. You should upload 100% original raw clips, no special effects or fake editing.

4. By uploading a video, you agree and accept Qsee's Video Submission Terms.


Award Criteria

1. Videos rejected by Qsee are not eligible for the prize.

2. The video should be shot with Qsee's new products.

3. The video has been voted on many times on social media and is popular among the public.

4. The video has artistic value, entertainment, clear images, and quality video content.


How to know the winners?

The winners will be announced on our blog and social medias.

At the same time, we will notify the winners individually by e-mail.


Qsee reserves the right to use, edit and publish the videos submitted in this contest. Qsee reserves the right of final interpretation for this Capture Contest.

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