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Trade-in program 2023- Amazing Deals For Returning Customers

Trade-in program 2023- Amazing Deals For Returning Customers

Qsee trade-in program blog

In between and now, Qsee is back with new authorization, a different business strategy from the old Q-See, a new Qsee App for multiple Qsee products, and a well-organized structure that includes its own R&D team to a production team. We only transferred the trademark from the old Q-See. New Qsee, we provide our customers with intelligent and valuable solutions.

The new Qsee App is not compatible with old Qsee products as the new firm doesn’t hold the hardware and server authorization of the old one. Although have many hurdles, we would like to support and hold those loyal customers. We are planning to attain this goal by creating a trade-in program for returning customers in phases. In the first phase, We are coordinating a Trade-in program exclusively for returning Qsee customers. To our enthusiasts, this trade-in program gives you an offer from 30-70% on your purchase of Qsee products case by case and an additional 15% off under Qsee coming back campaign.
FYI:- To get rid of confusion, Q-See refers to old firm and Qsee refers to new one.


Program Details

NVR/DVR Security Systems: 45% off one set, including QH08045YC and QP08045YC.

WiFi Security Cameras: $9.99 for a Hestia WiFi camera.


How Can I get part in this Trade-in Program?

It’s Simple! Not yet part of our Social media Platform?

Follow our social media platform.

Get a personal shopping assistant to know about your offer by DM on social media platforms.

Follow as per the guidance from the shopping assistant.

That’s it! Enjoy shopping with Qsee.


The Trade-in Program is closed. Need to know more about more discount offers in future?

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We care, what matters to you. Be smart and secure with Qsee.

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