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QSEE IS BACK: Getting Relevant with this accelerating age.

QSEE IS BACK: Getting Relevant with this accelerating age.

Qsee is back
In defining our future, we looked to our past. For the past many years, we’ve been holding your security in our hands. After a break, we are back! We are a new Qsee with a change in brand trademark ownership, new technology, new products, and a new look to be your best home security provider. And wish to rebuild clients' relationships in different ways. While many companies and global economies continue to fade and struggle to grow during the pandemic, there is one bright spot in the business landscape for Qsee to come back with more advanced technology to ease people’s daily life "Trust in us for the past 20  years".
Qsee Logo
What’s Qsee?
It used to be believed that taking care of one's family, one's work, and one's personal goals were incompatible endeavors; nevertheless, today's fast life must find a way to strike a balance between all three. Because of this, the world is looking for new and innovative ways to live a better, smarter life that will enable them to feel at ease while they are away from home, whether they are working or having a well-deserved holiday in another country with access at their fingertip.
Qsee is the industry pioneer in delivering cutting-edge surveillance solutions to home and commercial property owners worldwide. Since our modest beginning eighteen years ago, Qsee has made tremendous strides forward in security and technology by building state-of-the-art solutions. These technologies provide users with ease of mind and unwavering safety while enhancing usability, energy saving, and environmental protection.
Why Qsee?
Diversity, Loyalty, Team Unity, and a Commitment to excellence are the core values of our organization, with its vision "To be the most sustainable brand that contributes to a better smart life experience" and the mission "To improve people's lives through technological artistry and to create value and a smarter new life for users". 
What happened to the old Qsee and what’s the new Qsee?
True, the COVID pandemic impacted Qsee distribution and services but, The Qsee brand with its innovative home security solutions is something we cannot afford to lose. As the new owners of Qsee, we have witnessed the history of the past 20 years and we hope that we can continue its philosophy of bringing a better smart life in the future. So we are proud to promote the brand "Qsee" once again to ensure their customers with smart homes have a better smarter life with control of all Qsee products in one Qsee Smart Home App..
New Qsee positioning
We strive to be the best home security solution provider. Per the vision, the products under our "Qsee smart home" line include indoor and outdoor IoT products to secure your home and business. This is a new Qsee with new authorization, a different business strategy from the old Q-See, a new Qsee App for multiple Qsee products, and have well organization structure that includes from the own R&D team to the production team.
Qsee liability
Thank you for your past support of the Qsee brand. We are kindly notifying you that we are no longer committed to the old products of Qsee. The reason why is, We only transferred the trademark from the old Q-See. However, We do want to hold and use the old Q-See Server and hardware but unfortunately, we couldn’t, that’s the reason why old Q-See products cannot be connected to the new Qsee App. However, we will hold back the old Qsee customers with new offers exclusively only for you. We've made it easy for you to purchase new Qsee products with a fantastic discount with coupons under specific conditions.
Thank you for your interest in the new Qsee with advanced technology, high quality, and user-friendly products.
1 comment on QSEE IS BACK: Getting Relevant with this accelerating age.
  • William Willard
    William Willard

    I was glad to find the new Qsee, as I have one of the “old” systems with 8 analog cameras (using only four). We lost the capability to use the phone app to check in on our home, which was disappointing. I was researching how to have a direct connection to my dvr and phone. I think the solution was addressed in the Q-See QT Remote and Cell Phone Guide which I had downloaded when we acquired our system. But it definitely would have been easier if the Q-See server could have been available. Our system was given to us by our daughter after vehicles were vandalized on our street. The IP cameras are much easier to install but since the dvr is still functioning very well, upgrading to the newer technology does not seem to make economic sense. It is, however, good to hear that the new Qsee is back with excellent equipment and providing jobs for people.

    October 20, 2023
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