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Why did my NVR/DVR system fail to be powered on?

This article helps you solve the problem of your DVR/NVR not powering on. We will take NVR as an example here.

Applies to: All NVRs and DVRs.

If the NVR stops working and the power LED is not on, you may follow the troubleshooting tips listed below.

Cause 1. The power adaptor issue
Solution: Check the status LED on the power adaptor of the NVR. If the LED isn't on, please plug the power adaptor into another socket as well as change another working power adaptor for a try. If the LED is on, please refer to the HDD issue in Cause 2.

Note: PoE NVR power supply is DC48v, Non-PoE NVR power is DC12V. If you don't have available power adaptor, please contact Qsee technical support Team.

Cause 2. The HDD (hard drive) issue
Solution: Please unplug the HDD to check if the NVR will be bootable. You may open the NVR case and refer to the below picture to remove the HDD.

If the NVR works normally without the HDD, you need to replace the power supply with a new one. If the NVR still does not work even after replacing the power supply, the hard drive needs to be replaced too.

Cause 3. The voltage is not sufficient (Only for POE NVR)
Solution: Unplug the cameras. If the NVR power LED goes on, please replug the cameras back one by one. Then contact the support team and provide more details of how many cameras can be connected to the NVR at most before the NVR powers off. Besides, if you have a 12V DC adapter, you can try to connect the remaining cameras to the DC adapter individually and check if the cameras can be powered on.



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