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How to Upgrade Firmware for Qsee DVR/NVR via U-disk?

When the device functional updates or needs to handle some special situations, it can be upgraded through a USB flash drive. Please firstly download the firmware file in Qsee download center.


You can refer to the following tutorial video or text:


① Copy the .bin file to a USB drive which root directory should be empty. Then plug the USB drive into the USB port of the DVR / NVR.

connect USB to DVR/NVR


② Click "Mainmenu" > "System" > "Upgrade"

Click “Mainmenu”<“System”<“Upgrade”


③ Select "Upgrade File" >  Click "Upgrade"

Select“Upgrade File”<Click ”Upgrade”


④ The upgrade progress bar will pop up. After a successful upgrade, the device will automatically restart.


Note: During the upgrade process, DO NOT disconnect the power supply or unplug the USB drive. If the upgrade is successful, the device will automatically restart. After the successful reboot, unplug the USB drive.


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