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How to Turn off the Siren and Alarm Light in the Active Deterrence?

Applies to: Qsee QH08045HW DVR system, QH05HW analog camera.


Camera Interface Diagram:

When the security camera with PIR sensor detects a person, animal, or motion, it triggers the siren and alarm light as a warning. If you find the loud alarm bothersome, you can follow these steps to deactivate the Siren and Light while still maintaining detection.


Step 1: Navigate to the "Coaxial Control" page and follow the instructions provided in the video.

NOTE: Remember to select the camera channel.


Step 2: Proceed to the "SMART LED" option in the video and switch the MODE to "Close".

(1) If you only want to disable the alarm light, set the status of R-B-LED-CTRL to "Close".


(2) If you only want to disable the siren, set the status of Speaker-CTRL to "Close".


Step 3: Remember to save the settings.


After disabling the siren and alarm nlight, the camera will not emit any warnings when detecting a person. Instead, an alarm icon will be displayed on the surveillance live screen.


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