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How to Troubleshoot When Unable to Access the DVR/NVR via the QT View?

Applies to: Q-see QTH series NVRs and DVRs.



Step 1. Verify that the cable connections match the diagram.
For DVR System:
  For NVR System:

Step 2. Confirm that "Obtain an IPv4 address automatically" is selected.
Navigate to "Settings > Network > TCP/IP" page and ensure the "Obtain an IPv4 address automatically" option is checked.


Step 3. Verify that the "QT View" remote feature is enabled.
Click on "Settings > Network > QT View" page and check the "Enable" option.


Step 4. Check the network status by navigating to "Settings > Network > TCP/IP setting" page.

  • "Online" indicates normal DVR/NVR networking.
  • "Offline" signals abnormal networking. In the latter case, inspect network cable connections and network configurations.


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