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How to set up detect recording?

This article will guide you on how to set up detect recording, in which the DVR/NVR only record when triggered events.

Applies to: All Qsee NVRs and DVRs


To enable any recording, there must be a functioning hard drive installed. And confirm that the HDD status on your device is indicated as "Normal". Refer to the image below:


Step 1: Click "RecordMode " > Select "Schedule" > Click "OK"


Step 2: Click "Mainmenu" > Select "Record" > Select "Record"


Step 3: Setting up the schedule for recording, please check the checkbox for Detect, then click "OK" to finish the settings.


Channel: You can select the channel for recording from here.

Duration: Set the recording length (1-60 minutes). In most cases, it's recommended to stick with the default value.

Mode: Choose "Schedule."

Week: Set the recording days (Monday to Sunday, all day).

Period: There are six available periods. Adjust the start and end times based on your preferences.

Regular: This setting includes all types of recordings (including "Detect" recordings).

Detect: This setting only records alarm-triggered events (Motion Detection, Video Blind, Video Loss, Human Detection, Vehicle Detection).

Please note: Regular video recordings require more storage space, while detection recordings require less. Select the recording type that suits your needs.


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