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How to Reset Password of QT Series DVR/NVR?

Applies to: Q-see QT series NVRs and DVRs.


To reset the password, we'll use the Super Password, which only resets the device's password without altering any other settings.


Step 1: Confirm that your DVR interface resembles the following:


Step 2: Navigate to the login page and enter the super password listed below. Experiment with the following three accounts to determine which one is effective:

  • Username: admin | Password: 6036huanyuan

  • Username: admin | Password: ttvvtthuanyuan

  • Username: admin | Password: wsadws


If one of the super passwords is successful, your DVR will reboot, and the password will be reset. Once the DVR/NVR restarts, attempt to log in using the factory default account and password:

  • Username: admin | Password: 123456



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