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How to play back the footage on the web?

This article will guide you on how to play back the footage on the web. Google Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox are supported browsers. 

Applies to: All Qsee NVRs and DVRs


Ensure that your device has a functioning hard drive installed. Confirm that the HDD status on your device is indicated as "Normal". Refer to the image below. And your DVR/NVR is appropriately configured for recording.


You can refer to the video or text below:


Step 1: Launch a web browser and enter the IP address of DVR/NVR.



Step 2: Input your username and password to log in.


Step 3: Click on "Playback," pick the desired recording date, and tap the blue bar for playback.

Pro Tip: Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in on the time scale of the footage.


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