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How to Play RTSP Stream from Qsee DVR/NVR via VLC Player?

Applies to: All Qsee NVRs and DVRs


Video Tutorial: Explore the step-by-step guide in the instructional video provided below.

Step 1: Ensure your Qsee camera is powered on and connected to the network using an Ethernet cable, following the provided diagrams for optimal setup.

For DVR System:


For NVR System:


Step 2: Verify that the IP network segment of your computer/laptop aligns with that of the Qsee DVR/NVR.

Example: If your computer/laptop's IP network segment is, ensure the NVR/DVR's IP network segment matches.

Step 3: Download VLC Player - the preferred media player for optimal streaming performance.


Step 4: Launch VLC Player and configure the codec type to enhance video playback quality.


Step 5: Input the RTSP fetch stream address of your NVR/DVR for seamless streaming.

RTSP Address Format: rtsp://IP:Port/user=xxx&password=xx&channel=xxx&stream=x.sdp

Example: rtsp://

Note: The IP denotes the unique address of the device, the default port is usually 554, and "user" represents your login credentials. Optimize your streaming experience by choosing between the main stream (0) and sub-stream (1).

Explore our video guide for a visual walkthrough and make the most of your Qsee security camera system with VLC Player!


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