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How to install a hard drive to Qsee's DVR?

This article will show you step by step how to install a hard disk to a DVR/NVR. Before proceeding with the installation, please ensure that your recorder is powered off, and the power adapter is disconnected. 

Applies to: All Qsee NVRs and DVRs


You'll need a Phillips head screwdriver and a hard drive for surveillance use. Please refer to the video or text for the installation guide.


Step 1: Remove the DVR case by unscrewing the screws on its side and back.


Note: The DVR only supports 3.5" hard drive up to 10TB (per slot).


Step 2: Attach the hard drive to the DVR case's hard drive tray and tighten the screws.


Step 3: Connect the power and SATA cables to both the DVR and the hard drive.


Step 4: Reattach the DVR case.


Step 5: Power on your DVR, then navigate to Main Menu > Storage > HDD Manage to confirm that the HDD Status is listed as Normal.


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