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How to enter the IP camera password in the Qsee NVR system?

When your camera's password is incorrect or has been changed, the NVR will display a "User name or password error" prompt. In such cases, you need to access the camera's edit page to input the correct password.

Please note: The following instructions guide you through entering the accurate camera password in the system to solve the issue,, not changing the camera's password.

Applies to: All Qsee IP cameras


Firstly, please ensure the IP camera is powered on and connected to the network through an Ethernet cable as shown below.

NVR connection diagram:



You can also watch the instructional video or text provided below:


Step 1: Log in to your NVR, then navigate to "Main Menu" > "Camera" > "Search." This will display the devices found in the Online Equipment list.

Step 2: From the online equipment list, select the camera you want to work with. Click on "Add" to integrate the camera with the NVR.

Step 3: Choose the camera and click on the "Edit" icon. This will take you to the camera editing page. Input the correct password in the "Password" field and then click "OK" to confirm and complete the setup.


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