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How to backup NVR/DVR footage to USB Drive?

This article will guide you on how to backup the footage of DVR/NVR by USB flash drive. Please note that the DVR/NVR only supports FAT32 format of USB drive.

Applies to: All Qsee NVRs and DVRs


You can refer to the tutorial video or text below:


Ensure that your device has a functioning hard drive installed. Confirm that the HDD status on your device is indicated as "Normal". Refer to the image below. And your DVR/NVR is appropriately configured for recording.


Step 1: Insert a USB drive into the USB port.

Important: Ensure that the USB drive is formatted exclusively in FAT32.


Step 2: Navigate to "Main Menu" > "Record" > "Backup" > Choose the USB drive > Click "Backup"


Step 3: Opt for the preferred recording type, channel number, Start Time, and End Time > Click "Search."


Step 4: Select the recording file > Click "Start," and wait for the backup process to complete.


Please note: The default format for output files is AVI. You can download the VLC player to play these recordings.


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