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Security Camera False Alarm Solutions

Security Camera False Alarm Solutions

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Tired of False alarms!!

Security camera false alarms can be nuisance in the mid night, it can make you irritating, and they also annoy your neighbors and startle your pets.


Why is it important to stop false alarms?

Stopping false alarms is important so as not to cause unnecessary warnings to the owners, the police or the surveillance company. When false alarms are continuous it can also cause an unwanted effect: we relax and do not give importance to the true alarm when it occurs.

An excess of false alarms in a device can cause its cancellation so that it does not interfere with the security system until corrective maintenance of the device is applied. The false alarm may be masking a malfunction of the security system that can have serious consequences when necessary.

An excess of false alarms in companies may result in penalties, an adequate alarm system being mandatory or having to review or replace the security system.


Tips to reduce false alarms by security camera system

  • Mind the installation location and angle

High false alarm rates arising from improper installation are common, Qsee would be better choice as it has dual detector to avoid unwanted false alarm, But still for smooth surveillance if you take care of few things like when installing motion detectors avoid locations facing sunlight and other heat sources like fireplaces or near air conditioning vents where there is constant air and wind movement.

  • Confirm with instant notification and visual verification

When you get an alarm notification it is necessary to verify the event to reduce the false alarms. Visual verification from Security camera can be instant and effective. It can all be done via a handy and intuitive mobile App.

  • Reduce false alarms caused by pets

Some security cameras can be easily triggered by pets, especially dogs and cats like to roam freely in premises, Qsee can be a good choice with pet immunity function. However for pets that jump on of furniture false alarm probably will be triggered. It is suggested that users can re-arrange the furniture in the detection area to prevent false alarms. Or you can customize the areas to be detected by motion.

  • Conduct regular inspections and maintenance

Insects and dust getting into motion detectors will probably result in high false alarm rates. The sealed lens chamber design can effectively reduce this from happening. However , we suggest to conduct regular inspections of detection status and perform necessary maintenance regularly.

  • Properly train all users of your home alarm systems to avoid false alarms of human errors

Most of the false alarms are due to lack of end-user training, that’s why you should properly teach your family, friends, babysitters, etc., After you have grasped the way to use your security camera systems, then you should help your family or friends to practice using the system. Show them how the security camera alarm system work and how they been activated, and then your family can be aware of how false alarm is triggered and they can avoid that.

  • Fix the power problems of your home alarm system components

If your PIR sensors or door/window sensors trigger false alarms for no reasons at night or at daytime, you should check the battery of the equipment first. Low voltage can cause erratic operation. You can stop this type of false alarms by replacing the backup battery periodically. If changing battery is troublesome for you, you can try hard-wired home security alarm systems



False alarms would scare the public and waste policing force. Also If you don’t want to have your phone or email blowing up with false alerts, utilizing these Qsee tips, you can reduce the false alarms to some extend and enjoy your Smart life with Qsee security devices.

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