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Remote Access Your Security Camera via Smart Phone

Remote Access Your Security Camera via Smart Phone

Connect with what you care about: Remote access your security camera via smart phone.

Are you out of home or business? Need to know what’s happening at your home or business on your absence?
In this blog we will discuss the details about the products that can help you to be connected with your home or business from anywhere and How can you remote your home via smart phone. Be smart with Qsee. Conquer the world, leave all your worries about home or business aside, they are just one touch away.


Topics of Discussion

1. Advantage of remote access via smart phone
2. Qsee products helps you to connect with home or business
3. How to connect your camera to phone
4. FAQ - Qsee cameras


Advantage of Remote Access via Smart Phone

1. View your home or business from anywhere at anytime

Technology is being playing a vital role in providing people a smart life. The security camera is being developed with new technology that helps it to connect with the APP and then the user can remote view their home or business form anywhere at anytime, such smart way of living. With this feature it’s very easy to monitor home or business when you need to take care of it when you are away. It provides you a real time view and playback option, which means it will not allow you to miss anything happening to your home or business. Get a full hour monitoring on your home or business, when your guidance is needed at proper time.


2.Instant notification on what you care about

Rather than having a full time monitoring,new technology added with a additional feature of getting an alert notification instantly when something unusual happens at your home or business and you can follow up the situations and see what’s happening. This feature helps you to stop some crime at right before it happens to your loved ones or business. This feature makes you more connected with your home or business in all means.


3.Customize your needs

Are you anxious to know, when you are away from scene and you will get any unwanted alert notification? Here is the answer, Absolutely No! You can customize the alert area and alert activity as per your needs. If you don’t need to get the alert from specific area, you can customize the area to be get monitored and notified. As the smart detection method in Qsee devices it’s very convenient to categorize between a human and animals. So only relevant notifications will be pushed to you.


4.Share your events with family members

Moreover Qsee device will help you to share the device moments with the family member who is also concern to know about the home or camera host area. The App authorized person can let decide to which all family members should the device be shared. Through this it’s giving a added feature of sharing your home moments to the other family members as well.


5.Real time talk with your family

The smart security cameras are added with the 2-Way talk feature and call button feature to enhance the Remote access feature. 2-Way talk feature allows you to talk with people at your home or interact with your situation happening at your business. Other than 2-way talk , it have call button feature. It will allow the people at the home or business to make a call to when they are needy of you at specific time.


6.Ease of smart surveillance

With Qsee, you will be provided with a smart surveillance availability to experience smart life. Smart detection like human detection, sound detection and motion detection, you can have a peace of mind when you are away from home or business. The customers can concentrate to the things which actually needed to take care.You can even play back the events which is stored in cloud or SD card storage to cross check the events if something unusual happens. With Pan&Tilt feature of device you can view details of every corner of your home or business without missing anything.


Qsee Products Helps You to Connect with Home Or Business

Eager to know which all Qsee products will allows you with remote access? Ready to hear it?

All Qsee products will support this feature. You can use any product, as Qsee is having it’s own App to connect all the products together. Qsee makes your home a smart one with smart surveillance feature in each product. No matter which Qsee product using, all the products can be viewed from Qsee App in one smart phone. A complete Remote access of your home or business. Qsee products comes with Indoor WiFi camera, Outdoor camera, outdoor WiFi camera, Smart doorbell, Baby Monitoring, PoE camera, DVR systems and NVR systems. Qsee- A best smart home service provider in all means.



How to Connect the Camera to Your Phone?

To remote access your camera, of course you need to connect your camera first with your Qsee App on your smart phone. For that you need to download the Qsee APP (Available in both Apple Store and Google Play)

  • Step 1: Install and launch security camera APP on your smartphone.
  • Step 2: Enter the WiFi password (make sure to connect the camera to the same WiFi as your phone is connected).
  • Step 3: Add your security camera to the APP by scanning the QR code from phone with camera lens.
  • Step 4: Click on the security camera linked to the phone to see a live view.
  • Step 4: Set configurations such as motion detection, alerts frequency, etc to suit your monitoring requirements.


(The installation video of Qsee Hestia series WiFi wireless security cameras)


FAQ- Qsee Security Cameras

Why can't the device connect with WiFi?

Please make sure the WiFi signal of the router the camera is connected to is within the coverage area.

How do I connect my security camera to my phone?

Connect the camera to the phone by downloading the Qsee Smart home app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

How do you pair a security camera?

Pairing a security camera to an app usually happens by scanning a generated QR code with the camera’s lens.

Can I watch the playback without a SD card?

lf you have subscribed to Qsee Cloud Service, you can watch the palyback through cloud storage without a SD card.

How can I view my security cameras online?

Download the Qsee Smart home app from the App Store or Google Play Store, sign up for an account, and tap ‘add device’. Instructions will then be provided on how to pair the device. Make sure the camera is connected to a wireless network and that the phone is connected to the internet.

What kind of micro SD card can I use?

Qsee security camera supports up to 128GB micro SD card with FAT32 format and C10.

What format will be the video stored in? Can you transfer the video files to acomputer for playback? Or can it only be viewed using the App?

You can download the video from the APP and it will automatically will save to your phone into your gallery with .MP4 format. and with the SD card storage, you can also transfer videos to computer with card reader

How to connect security system cameras to phones without the internet?

Security system cameras don’t have internet-enabled features and cannot connect directly to a phone. Qsee has a single app that can be downloaded for efficient mobile viewing.


Qsee wireless home WiFi camera Hestia 4T

lf you encounter any troubles with product information, product installation and use, feel free to contact Qsee Support Team at

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