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Gadgets and Other Accessories

You have chosen your security system and cameras from Q-See—what’s next? We offer a range of home security gadgets to complement your surveillance system. A few of the additional products you may need to ensure complete protection of your home and business are:

- Compressor Tools With Connectors
- WiFi IP Camera
- SD Cards Microphones
- Remote Controls
- Surveillance Warning Labels

Monitor and Share

Our EasyView WiFi IP Camera is a perfect monitoring device for many reasons. This wireless IP camera easily connects to the Internet over WiFi, features two-way audio, and does not require a computer or any other equipment for use. Featuring day and night vision, Q-See’s EasyView makes sharing your videos with up to 20 people at a time quick and simple. With so many features, this camera will quickly become one of your favorite home security gadgets!

This camera is ideal for a variety of uses like checking on a pet that is home alone or sharing videos of your children with long distance relatives. Live videos filmed with the EasyView also offer businesses like in-home daycares the capability to share live videos with parents.

Stay up to date with everything important to you with Q-See’s EasyView camera.

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Thwart Potential Invaders

When criminals see stickers and signs warning that your home or business is protected by a Q-See surveillance system or other home security gadgets, they are immediately deterred. Even if you do not have a surveillance system installed, it is a good idea to advertise that you do.

Q-See offers Surveillance Warning Labels in both a 5-pack and 12-pack to help warn possible intruders that they are being watched. Our labels are available with a static cling application feature for simple application, removal, and repositioning. For a more permanent warning, adhesive application stickers are also available. Both application types stick to most clean, flat surfaces.

Convenient Protection

Q-See offers other accessories to simplify monitoring your property like a replacement USB mouse for your DVR, a remote control for your DVR, and an 8GB SD card.

Perhaps one of our most intriguing and fun home security gadgets is the Surveillance Shadow Pen DVR. This pen makes it possible to record videos, audio, and capture still images anywhere!

Discreet and effortless, this pen can be used in meetings to capture important facts and figures or be used to record intriguing conversations at social events. The Shadow Pen comes with 4GB of storage, and anything you capture is saved automatically. The built-in USB plug makes it easy to transfer saved items to your computer for viewing and sharing.


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Q-See leads the pack when it comes to security by providing state-of-the-art products and customer support. Our company makes completing the security of your home or business simple by providing the home security gadgets and assistance you need. All of our products come with a minimum one year warranty and free lifetime technical support.